Science Group

Meets: 1st Tuesday PM

Location: Burnley Central Library

Group Leader: Brian Pomfret

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The group started nine months ago and meets once a month at Burnley library.

We ventured into geology for our first 5 meetings and in some cases with the help of visiting geologists covered aspects of plate tectonics, rock identification, the building of the bridgewater canal and fracking.
We moved onto genetics, watching DVDs to stimulate discussion on genetic engineering and the genetics of human disease.

We are at present entering into the realm of cosmology and with the help of DVDs have discussed the multiverse, how many universes there may be out there.

We aim to have discussions on topical subjects reported in the more popular science journals, on televison or on YouTube.

we have between ten and 15 members at each meeting……come and join us.

We meet on the first Tuesday of the month 2pm to 4pm. at Burnley Central Library.

Next Meeting Tuesday 2nd  April Burnley library 2:00pm. “Our world is governed by mathematics”. Video of a discussion from the World Science Festival. What do professional mathematicians do all day?

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Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Burnley & District U3A will be held on Thursday 25th April at 2.00pm at the Unity Centre, Nazareth Unitarian Chapel, Padiham. Three Committee members (Treasurer, Secretary and one elected member) have served for two years and therefore have to be replaced or, if they wish, stand for re-election.  Nomination forms for these positions will be available at the monthly meeting in February and March or from the Secretary.

Submissions For May Newsletter

Please note that all submissions for the May 2019 newsletter should be e-mailed or telephoned to the newsletter editor by Wednesday 8 May 2019. June deadline is Wednesday 19 June.

Annual Membership Renewal

It is the time of year to renew your membership; the year ends on 31st March. As agreed at the AGM last year the membership fee has been reduced to £14 April to March or £9.50 October to March per person; £26 April to March or £17 October to March for couples living at the same address. An absolute bargain, we’re sure you’ll agree. Melinda Jackson will be available at the February and March meetings to accept your money.
If you can’t attend the monthly meetings you can download a renewal form and submit by post.

Next Open Meeting

Our next Open Meeting will be held at Nazareth Unitarian Chapel, Knight Hill, Padiham BB12 8JH on Thursday 25th April 2019 commencing at 2:30pm. The meeting will feature a talk on ‘Sailing the Atlantic with the Jubilee Sailing Trust’ by Norman Harris. A full list of our Open Meetings for 2019 is available on our Schedule of Open Meetings Page.

Fancy Becoming A Member?

If you fancy joining Burnley and District U3A and attending one or more of our Special Interest Groups please visit our How To Join Burnley and District U3A page. Guests are welcome to attend up to two monthly meetings at a fee of £2.00 per meeting or to attend one Special Interest Group meeting as a taster session. If you have questions or just want to know more about the local U3A you will be welcome to chat with one of our Greeters at the monthly meeting from 2:00pm. The monthly meetings are held at Nazareth Unitarian Chapel, Knight Hill, Padiham Lancs BB12 8JH (see our location) and commence at 2:30pm on the fourth Thursday of each month. Download our Introductory Brochure (PDF).